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Architectural Wonders of Dubai

Places of interest in Dubai, the UAE. What must-see destinations tourists have to witness in Dubai in 2023? How will the sphere of architecture develop in future?

Speaking about Dubai in the UAE many people of different countries and nationalities imagine the extreme luxury and wealth. These days the Emirates have become one of the richest countries in the world, where ancient legends and fairy tales have been brought to life and palaces, gardens, mosques with towering minarets have emerged on beautiful man-made islands. Hundreds of striking man-made structures have been built in Dubai attracting tourists and foreign investors to the city. Apartments in Emaar Beachfront for expats are among the top choices of wealthy foreigners in Dubai, the UAE. What other architectural wonders are waiting in Dubai? And how will the architecture of the metropolis change in future?

Must-see places in Dubai

It is difficult to witness all the amazing objects created by international architects if you come to Dubai for a couple of days. To appreciate the complete variety of outstanding figures, you need to live there for some time. However, it is still important to see the most impressive sightseeing in your own eyes.

1. The highest skyscraper Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is the tallest structure on the planet, located in the center of the business district in Dubai, UAE. This ultra-modern building is essentially a separate city with apartments, lawns, fountains, parks, stores, cafes, and so on. The building was designed by the American bureau Skidmore. Its author is Adrian Smith, who previously participated in the creation of the Jin Mao skyscraper in China. The general contractor was Samsung from South Korea.

2. The luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab

The Burj al Arab ("Arab Tower"), 321 meters above sea level, was built on the initiative of Sheikh Mohamed and is considered the highest hotel on the planet. All rooms are suites (despite the fact that officially the Hotel is considered a five-star hotel). It is worth noting that the Sail in Dubai is also considered one of the tallest buildings on our planet.

3. The impressive Infinity Bridge

The capacity of the new road structure is 24 thousand cars per day. The height of the arches reaches 42 meters, the roadway has 6 lanes. 150 meters of the bridge run over the Dubai Bay. The new bridge, formerly known as Shindagha Bridge, rises 6 meters above the water and can pass boats, launches and other river vessels under it 24 hours a day. The arch is designed as a mathematical symbol of infinity, symbolizing the ambitions of the United Arab Emirates.

The future changes in architecture in Dubai

Dubai is rightly considered a city of the future. Advanced technologies and innovative systems are being introduced everywhere to make everyday life easier for residents and tourists. More advanced ideas, such as flying cabs, are also being developed. This project is already influencing developers' plans for the architectural appearance of the city.

Recall that the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) plans to conduct the first tests of the new flying cab service this year. A year ago, when the project was first mentioned, the idea seemed fantastic and unrealizable. However, the developers have taken the idea seriously. The autonomous aircraft system will be able to transport passengers in unmanned mode from one point of the city to another. However, such models require a special landing pad. According to a number of architects working in Dubai, some investors have already applied for changes in project plans, wanting their homes to be equipped with such platforms. And this is just the beginning.

If autonomous flying cabs are to become a widespread mode of transportation in Dubai, the city will need to change the design of buildings somewhat. Firstly, it will need to place a number of landing platforms on the roofs of buildings. Secondly, the buildings themselves will need to be made stronger, so that the roofs can support the weight of the cars. Each building with such a platform must be equipped with an entrance on the roof side. Finally, special parking lots may also need to be placed on the upper floors.

On the whole

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