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Artsy Christmas Decor Tips You Can Use to Get You and Your Home into the Festive Spirit

META: Read our picks for top ways you can make Christmas your own with your creative personal touches.

The festive season is finally upon us. Some people were in their loft the second Halloween was over, others took their time and waited until the advent calendars were cracked open. If you have a creative hand, no doubt you'll be excited for the festive season and all the ways you can apply that hand to your decorating. Well, we can help you out there. Read on for our picks for top ways you can make Christmas your own with your own personal touches added to the decorating.

A boho chic twist on the Christmas tree

The fir or pine tree is a great tradition, which offers a lot of space for creativity in itself, from the color scheme of the baubles and tinsel decorating it, to the homemade pieces that make it to the tree.

But there are ways you can shake that up. The newest trend is to switch out the fir and pine for something more exotic. Maybe you already have a leafy plant in your home. Simply add some tinsel and baubles to your monstera or dracaena plants for an update on an old favorite. You can take it even further and grab a large branch from your walks around your winter wonderland. Run some fairy lights around it and hang it over the dining table for a twinkling overhead Christmas tree. You can even hang strands of tinsel and baubles over the heads of your guests for a simplistic boho chic Christmas tree. Or sit it in front of the fire as an updated Yule Log.

Get Your Best Gel Pens for Coloring

Snow on Christmas Day is a welcome treat that never seems to come true, but there are ways to get around that. If you have a drawer's hand, you can imitate snow on your windows with a number of materials.

If you get hold of some white gel pens you can add any design you feel like to your decor, since it will show on any colored paper. Think up designs such as Santa peeking around your Christmas card, a deer in the snowy distance, and other iconic Christmas themes.

You can even add snow to your wrapping. With the more eco-conscious of us buying plain brown paper to wrap gifts, you can add snowy designs to the paper yourself with the best white gel pen. It even shows on black paper if you are looking to make an impact with a bold color palette and they are smudge-proof and fine point so that you can create some of the most intricate snowy designs. With enough paper you can create decorated tinsel, tree decorations, and personal labels for your gifts.

Plus, with kids around you might be pleased to know that they are even waterproof!

Ravishing Wreaths

Creating a wreath is almost as old as Christmas itself, and there is a lot of room for creativity there. Start with a wire and keep adding whatever plants and decorations you feel like.

Go off the wall with your color pallet and add pink lilies or go for unusual leaves for body like pampas grass. Or you can go all in with fruits, like oranges and pomegranate and berries.

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