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3 Amazing Digital Artists on Instagram in 2022

3 amazing digital artists on Instagram who are at the top in 2022 and how you can reach the same level of success on this platform

Let's face it - most part of success is talent and hard work, but there are still some additional tools that can help you to boost your page on Instagram. This is the platform that any digital artist should keep in mind in terms of their self-promo, which is always needed, even if you don't plan to get big orders from the brands and companies (Why though? Worth a try).

In this article we have collected 5 digital artists who deserve your attention today and decided to also tell how they might have reached success - we don't for sure, but as specialists in social media promotion we can suppose and be real close to the truth: we will be talking about a possibility to buy real Instagram followers to give your profile an initial boost and about other methods, such as PR from bloggers (free and paid one). But first - let's list the people whom you should definitely subscribe to right now!

Our TOP 3:

Argentine-Spanish artist @felipepantone became famous for not allowing his face to be photographed, motivating it with the desire "for people to focus on his art, not his appearance." The peculiarity of Felipe's works is the combination of bright colors and broken geometric lines, so loved to illustrate the advertising of personal computers at the dawn of their popularity.

@osgemeos are Brazilian twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, who often reproduce giant characters in their works, which they invented themselves. In 2015, as part of the Vulica Brasil festival, they painted a yellow giant in pajamas with pictures of beautiful girls on the wall of the Brazilian embassy building in Minsk.

@banksy - yes, we couldn't resist, although you surely know him, we still want to add him to our list. The British master of street art, who practices jokes and provocations; the whole world knows his work, but so far no one has been able to reveal the artist's incognito. The Briton's highly social works are very highly valued. Banksy's works were sold at auction, and at that time he was having fun and managed to remotely cut up a picture that had just been auctioned.

How did they promote themselves

Surely, the biggest part of it are provocations, unexpected appearances of works in amazing places and permanent exhibitions - both offline and online. But how can a beginner do that, if they don't have any social media pages developed? Back in time it was possible, but today the competition amongst the digital artists is so tough, that you won't have an opportunity to beat through with no professional help by your side.

If you're talented and ambitious, you still have to use something like a chance to buy Instagram followers - this will help you to build a base for your account and make other people believe that your page is already valued and interesting to many other art-lovers. Even though it might seem like a "fake it till you make it" thing, if subs are real, it can also help you with improving your page's statistics, which will lead to your content being recommended by IG algorithms to other interested people more.

Let's conclude

Maybe in the past you could build up your career by being bold and talented, but today things are a little bit different. To find your people you have to be online, and you have to have opportunities to use professional promoters' help. Start with an easy step - by yourself some subs, build a base, and then try to reach out to beginner artists like you for mutual free PR. Slowly increasing your visibility in this community will help tremendously; after adding paid PR to it and maybe even targeted ads (if that's not too mainstream for you), you will be able to step up on a whole another level.

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