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How to Get to Grips with Oil-Based Pencils

Meta: If you are searching for a new art style to experiment with, why not try oil-based pencils?

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Trying out a new medium can be exciting for any artist. If you want to explore new horizons and get to grips with other techniques, there are lots of options out there for you to try. Why not try oil-based colored pencils? They are a great choice for many, and you could soon be creating beautiful art with them!

What are Oil-Based Pencils?

If you want to get to grips with a new style of art, you should definitely think about trying oil- based pencils. The majority of line work is often done with a graphite or charcoal pencil. One could also choose to do shading and grayscale with these tools too. However, if you wish to incorporate a little color, you will often have to use either wax or oil-based pencils. Of the two, oil-based pencils might be the better option for you. They tend to be a little more robust than wax pencils. There is less of a chance that you might accidentally snap one, and they need sharpening less than other types of pencil. They can be a fantastic chance for you to practice with color, and in pencil if you are more used to paint as a medium.

Look for Quality

As with most art tools, it is important that you look for quality. Of course, that does not mean that you must look for the most expensive. The best oil-based colored pencils for you might not be as expensive as you imagine.

Make sure that you find a good range of colors. You can work with the basics, but if you really want to start working with depth, you need to think about having a good range to hand. Don’t be afraid to try out several to find the pencils that work for you.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Want to get good with oil-based pencils? If you are already an artist, you already know what it is going to take to master this medium. Unless you practice, you are never going to get a feel for them and how to make them work for you best.

Spend time getting to know your pencils and work hard to determine the best way to use them. The more art you can generate with them, good or bad, the more that you are going to learn how to use them. These could prove to be your favorite medium for one specific style of art, but you are never going to know unless you take the time to find out.

Oil-based pencils are a great choice for those who want to learn about what colored pencils have to offer them as artists. If you have not worked with this medium, try it today. It is less messy than paint and can be cleared up quickly. On top of this, you can still create some amazing pieces of art. Get yourself a set of oil-based pencils and start experimenting to see what they could offer you now! It could turn out to be your new favorite art style!

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