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Canadian Art & Artists

The following list of artists is compiled from art history books about Canadian painters, sculptors and photographers. The list on the left is a more complete list of Canadian artists worthy of attention. The list on the right and far below are those artists who deserve the most attention.

This "Canadian Art History Database", complete with biographical information about all of these artists. If you have biographical information about any of the artists on the lists below, please feel free to contact us. Some of these artists are difficult to track down information on (even online information can be scarce).

It is a matter of national pride that we record down the histories of these artists so they can be better understood by future generations of Canadians.

Canadian Painters

  • George Back
  • Marcel Barbeau
  • Anne Meredith Barry
  • Maxwell Bates
  • Francois Beaucourt
  • Leon Bellefleur
  • Alexandre Bercovitch
  • William Berczy
  • George Theodore Berthon
  • Yulia Biriukova
  • David Blackwood
  • Ronald Bloore
  • Eleanor Bond
  • Paul-Emile Borduas
  • Napoleon Bourassa
  • Jonathon Earl Bowser
  • Bob Boyer
  • Claude Breeze
  • Miller Brittain
  • Bertram Brooker
  • William Bruce Blair
  • William Brymner
  • Jack Bush
  • Oscar Cahen
  • Joane Cardinal-Schubert
  • Florence Carlyle
  • Franklin Carmichael
  • Emily Carr
  • Alfred Joseph Casson
  • Jack Chambers
  • Paraskeva Clark
  • James Pattison Cockburn
  • Alex Colville
  • Charles Comfort
  • Emily Coonan
  • Maurice Cullen
  • Greg Curnoe
  • Jean-Philippe Dallaire
  • Ken Danby
  • Thomas Davies
  • Allan Edson
  • Evergon
  • Paterson Ewen
  • Ivan Eyre
  • Gerald Ferguson
  • Marcelle Ferron
  • Robert Field
  • Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald
  • Martha Fleming/Lyne Lapointe
  • Marc-Aurele Fortin
  • claude Francois (Frere Luc)
  • John Arthur Fraser
  • vera Frenkel
  • Charles Gagnon
  • Clarence Gagnon
  • Yves Gaucher
  • Pierre Gauvreau
  • Henry George Glyde
  • Betty Goodwin
  • Theophile Hamel
  • Lawren Harris
  • Robert Harris
  • Adrian Hebert
  • George Heriot
  • Prudence Heward
  • William G.R. Hind
  • Edwin H. Holgate
  • Francis Anne Hopkins
  • Robert Houle
  • E.J. Hughes
  • Jack Humphrey
  • Jacques Hurtubise
  • Gershon Ishowitz
  • Alexander Young Jackson
  • Alex Janvier
  • Charles William Jeffreys
  • Frank H. Johnston
  • Paul Kane
  • Augustus Kenderdine
  • Illingworth Kerr
  • James Kerr-Lawson
  • Roy Kiyooka
  • Dorothy Knowles
  • Wanda Koop
  • Cornelius Krieghoff
  • William Kurelek
  • Fernand Leduc
  • Ozias Leduc
  • Joseph Legare
  • Jean-Paul Lemieux
  • Rita Letendre
  • Ernest Lindner
  • Jennifer Linton
  • Arthur Lismer
  • Attila Richard Lukacs
  • Alexandra Luke
  • Laura Muntz Lyall
  • John Lymon
  • J. E. H. MacDonald
  • J.W.G. (Jock) MacDonald
  • Landon Mackenzie
  • Pegi Nicol MacLeod
  • Dale MacNevin
  • Medrie MacPhee
  • Ron Martin
  • Jean McEwen
  • Yvonne McKague-Housser
  • Art Mckay
  • Isabel McLaughlin
  • Helen McNicoll
  • Gerald McMaster
  • Kathleen Munn
  • Charles Moffat
  • Jean-Paul Mousseau
  • Norval Morrisseau
  • James William Morrice
  • Ron Moppett
  • Guido Molinari
  • David Milne
  • Louis Muhlstock
  • Lilias Torrance Newton
  • Marion Nicoll
  • John O'Brien
  • Lucius O'Brien
  • Daphne Odjig
  • Charles Pachter
  • Paul Peel
  • Alfred Pellan
  • Christiane Pflug
  • Walter J. Phillips
  • Antoine Plamondon
  • Jane Ash Poitras
  • Christopher/Mary Pratt
  • William Raphael
  • George Agnew Reid
  • Mary Hiester Reid
  • Jean-Paul Riopelle
  • Rick Rivet
  • W. Goodridge Roberts
  • William Ronald
  • Jean-Baptiste Roy-Audy
  • Anne Savage
  • Carl Schaefer
  • Tony Scherman
  • Charlotte Schreiber
  • Marian Scott
  • Julian R. Seavey
  • Jack Shadbolt
  • Arthur Shilling
  • Jori Smith
  • Jeffrey Spalding
  • Francoise Sullivan
  • Takao Tanabe
  • David Thamberger
  • Tom Thomson
  • Joanne Tod
  • Robert Clow Todd
  • Fernand Toupin
  • Claude Tousignant
  • Harold Town
  • Frederick H. Varley
  • Horatio Walker
  • Esther Warkov
  • Homer Watson
  • Robert R. Whale
  • Joyce Wieland
  • Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
  • Tim Zuck

    Canadian Sculptors

  • Walter Allward
  • Louis Archambault
  • Francois Baillairge
  • Iain/Ingrid Baxter
  • Lance Belanger
  • Rebecca Belmore
  • Douglas Bentham
  • Liliana Berezowsky
  • Bertram Charles Binning
  • Roland Brener
  • Ian Carr-Harris
  • Melvin Charney
  • Ulysse Comtois
  • Charles Daudelin
  • Robert Davidson
  • Tom Dean
  • Sorel Etrog
  • Joe Fafard
  • Gathie Falk
  • Murray Favro
  • General Idea
  • Michel Goulet
  • John Greer
  • Emanuel Hahn
  • Noel Harding
  • Jamelie Hassan
  • Faye Heavyshield
  • Louis-Philippe Hebert
  • Anne Kahane
  • Alfred Laliberte
  • Frances Loring
  • Lani Maestro
  • Liz Magor
  • David Marshall
  • John McEwen
  • Robert Tait Mckenzie
  • Eric Metcalfe
  • Gilles Mihalcean
  • Robert Murray
  • Katie Ohe
  • Edward Poitras
  • Roland Poulin
  • Richard Prince
  • Royden/David Rabinowitch
  • Bill Reid
  • Robert Roussil
  • John Scott
  • Michael Snow
  • Barbara Steinman
  • Jana Sterbak
  • Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor Cote
  • Tony Urquhart
  • Armand Vaillancourt
  • Renee Van Halm
  • Bill Varzan
  • Colette Whiten
  • Irene F. Whittone
  • Elizabeth Wynwood
  • Florence Wyle

    Canadian Photographers

  • Carl Beam
  • Robert Bourdeau
  • Genevieve Cadieux
  • Michel Campeau
  • Sidney Carter
  • Lynne Cohen
  • Robin Collyer
  • Stan Douglas
  • Rodney Graham
  • Angela Grauerholz
  • Pam Hall
  • Alexander Henderson
  • Thaddeus Holownia
  • Geoffrey James
  • Yousuf Karsh
  • John Max
  • Harold Mortimer Lamb
  • William Notman
  • Sandra Semchuk
  • Sam Tata
  • John Vanderpant
  • Victoria Van Dyke
  • Jeff Wall
  • Ian Wallace
  • Margaret Watkins
  • Kenojuak Ashevak

    Eleanor Bond

    Jonathon Earl Bowser

    Claude Breeze

    Bertram Brooker

    Florence Carlyle

    Emily Carr

    Alex Colville

    Emily Coonan

    Martha Fleming/Lyne Lapointe

    Henry George Glyde

    Lawren S. Harris

    Robert Harris

    Prudence Heward

    Edwin H. Holgate

    Jack Humphrey

    A.Y. Jackson

    Cornelius Krieghoff

    Joseph Legare

    Jennifer Linton

    Arthur Lismer

    Attila Richard Lukacs

    Laura Muntz Lyall

    J. E. H. MacDonald

    Pegi Nicol Macleod

    Charles Alexander Moffat

    Norval Morrisseau

    Kathleen Munn

    Lilias Torrance Newton

    Lucius O'Brien

    Paul Peel

    Alfred Pellan

    Bill Reid

    George Agnew Reid

    Carl Schaefer

    John Scott

    Michael Snow

    Tom Thomson

    Frederick H. Varley

    Victoria Van Dyke

    Homer Watson

    Colette Whiten

    Joyce Wieland

    Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

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