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Christian mythology is filled with fantastical creatures, stories of "biblical" porportions, sex, violence, treachery, love, lust, war, hatred and many of the problems we still face in modern society.

Early Christians depicted their myths in painting, mosaic and sculpture. Modern Christians still paint and sculpt, but the emphasis these days is on children's fantasy (Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny).

Artistically speaking Christians have begun to ignore the artwork of saints and stories in favour of fantasy art of Saint Nicholas, elves and magical rabbits.

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    Below you see an example of old Christian art followed by an example of modern Christian art:

    Cittore Carpaccio - The Lion of St. Mark - 1516.

    Haddon Sundblom - The first Coca-Cola Santa Claus - 1931.

    Notice how in both cases the artwork has a touch of the fantastic? "The Lion of St Mark" looks like a creature out of The Lord of the Rings, whereas Santa Claus bears only a vague resemblance to the original Saint Nicholas [below].

    Jacopo Tintoretto - St. Nicholas - 1580-90.

    Christmas is a central part of modern Christianity. The religion has evolved over the past century from an orthodox belief in an almighty god into a fantastic lie created to amuse small children and to sell toys. Stop and compare these two portrayals of Christ [below]:

    Raphael - The Mond Crucifixion - 1503.

    Mel Gibson - Still from "The Passion of the Christ" - 2004.

  • Notice how Mel Gibson's modern portrayal of Christ is based upon blood and guts, whereas Raphael's Crucifixion uses angels, cheerful colours and is actually quite beautiful.

    Modern Christianity has worn thin. Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism, priests sexually abusing children, the corruption of the papacy, the spread of Atheism and technology.

    Where once Christianity was beautiful, modern Christianity has become ugly and tries to hide its ugliness behind toys from Santa.

    Maurizio Cattelan - La Nona Ora/The Ninth Hour - 2000.