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Contemporary Art is art that has been made during the last 40 years, usually by an artist who is still alive and actively making art. Determining which artists from the last 40 years deserve attention is the difficult trick.

"Modern Art" differentiates from contemporary art in that modern art is essentially any artwork made using modern techniques and materials, and is usually more abstract. Specific styles like "Abstract Expresionism" is an example of modern art. "Postmodern Art" or "Postmodernism" is artwork that uses modern techniques, but is more realistic and usually made after 1970. "Pop Art" is an example of postmodernism.

  • A.Andrew Gonzalez is an award-winning figurative artist whose work has been exhibited worldwide.

    Influenced by idealism in the Mystical, Visionary and Esoteric traditions, the artist describes his work as a contemporary Tantric or Transfigurative art that explores the dramatic union of the sensual and spiritual.

  • The Art & Philosophy of Cannibalism

    Victoria Van Dyke explains why she likes making art and poetry about cannibalism.

  • Severed Toe in Jar Art?

    Victoria Van Dyke chops off her little toe, sticks it in a jar and calls it art. But is it art?

  • Controversial Britney Sculpture

    Daniel Edwards sculpts Britney Spears naked and pregnant in a bizarre anti-abortion sculpture.

  • Extropic Art Manifesto

    Transhumanists explain the goals behind making digital art dealing with biology and technology.

  • Hillary Clinton Busted by Daniel Edwards

    Daniel Edwards is back again and this time he's taking punches at Hillary Clinton by making a bust sculpture of Clinton in a lacy bra.

  • Iba N'Diaye

    Senegalese painter spans African and American art, exploring African heritage and the American jazz scene.

  • Iraqi Surrealist Art

    Iraqi surrealist painter, Muayad Muhsin, has painted a rather unflattering portrait of U.S. Defense Secretary, Donald H. Rumsfeld. Muhsin’s surrealism is not informed by dreams and the unconsciousness mind, but by the horrors and barbarity of war.

  • Jenny Holzer - Art & Biography

  • Lilith Adler's Artist Statements

    1961-2000: Jewish-American artist Lilith Adler died at the height of her artistic career. She left behind writings/musings on individual pieces and topics. In life she was a staunch supporter of people thinking for themselves (as opposed to religious/racial brainwashing), lesbian/gay marriages, feminism and women's rights.

  • Muayad Muhsin American Arrogance

  • The Art of Buying Modern Art

  • The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

  • The Paintings of Muayad Muhsin

  • The Life and Art of Patrick Nagel

    Beginning in 1976, Nagel began contributing regularly to Playboy, which extended the exposure and popularity of "the Nagel Woman" to a huge and loyal audience. In 1978, he created his first poster image for Mirage Editions. He also painted the cover of rock group Duran Duran's Rio album, which later became a top selling album.

  • Women Artists of the 20th & 21st Centuries

    Judy Chicago, Martha Rosler, Cindy Sherman and other women artists of the last 100 years.

  • Lucian Freud

    Nudes, portraits and more by acclaimed British painter Lucian Freud. Supermodel Kate Moss, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrities and a plethora of nudes.

  • Leonard Nimoy

    In addition to being a movie director, producer, author and actor (Spock from Star Trek), Leonard Nimoy has been a professional photographer for 40 years. His topic of choice? Nude women.

  • Cindy Sherman's Photography

    Cindy Sherman, as an artist and also as a photographer she is amongst the best. She is widely regarded as one of the top ten most influential artists of the 20th Century. Her work is in many cases provocative, has a tendency to tell a story or depict a particular scene, and in her later work, tends to be quite graphic, grotesque and just plain disgusting.

    Lilith Gallery Contemporary Artists

  • Lilith Adler

  • Eliza Bathory

  • Jonathon Earl Bowser

  • Stefanie Lynn Evans

  • Caroline Folkenroth

  • Candice Raquel Lee

  • Jennifer Linton

  • Jasmine Maddock

  • Charles Alexander Moffat

  • Rachel Stone

  • Emilia Noris

  • Victoria Van Dyke

  • Judith Weratschnig