Art History Links Database

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Internet-based art museum experience, includes specialized exhibitions with emphasis on background information not normally available to the public. Art History

Online community and resource guide for the artists and art periods of the past.


Art Dictionary

Reference material in art, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art education. Definitions of thousands of terms, illustrations, quotations, and links to other resources.

Mark Harden's Artchive

An art archive with thousands of images that are accessed through an alphabetical list of artist's names and art styles. Covers every style of art from ancient and African to impressionist and modern.

WebMuseum: Famous Paintings

Comprehensive and well organized site that offers rich images and concise historical context for artists and art movements ranging from Gothic and Renaissance to Impressionism and Pop.

Sister Wendy's American Collection

From PBS

Sister Wendy Beckett, nun and art commentator, takes viewers on a tour through six of America's greatest art museums.

World Art Treasures

Based on the Jacques-Edouard Berger collection of images of art objects and essays devoted to the main civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Japan, India, Europe.

Resources in Art History for Graduate Students

This newsletter lists grants, fellowships, internships, conferences, publication and study abroad opportunities for graduate students in art history and closely related areas.

ARC International

The Art Renewal Center

Offering biographical information and high-resolution images of many paintings from the great masters of the 19th century.

Mona Lisa Images for a Modern World

A site exploring the enduring fascination of the Mona Lisa, including history, parodies, homages and comments from site visitors.


Virtual art gallery displaying paintings and poetry from art movements of the 19th and 20th centuries with an emphasis on displaying works of art by artists who have been forgotten or neglected in recent years.

OCAIW: Art Images on the Web

Orazio Centaro's site. Includes a long alphabetical listing of artists and includes links to images that reside on both the OCAIW site and other artist sites on the Web.

The Getty Provenance Index

Collects and disseminates information related to the history of collecting and the provenance of individual works of art.

Art Historians' Guide to the Movies

Record of appearances of and references to famous works of art and architecture in the movies.

Carol Gerten's Virtual Art Museum

Broad gallery that includes biographies and images for hundreds of well-known American, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Japanese artists.

New Deal Art During the Great Depression

Information and photographs of extant WPA/New Deal art, focusing on Illinois, Ohio, and California. There are extensive biographies, a timeline of the New Deal, and other odd bits of information.

Mexican Masks

Collection of authentic danced masks from Mexico and Guatemala with discussions and comments on the art of collecting and other curious observations. Antique masks, patination techniques, insect infestation, techniques of collecting.

Lübeck's Dance of Death

Dances of Death in Lübeck, Tallinn, Berlin and Denmark. Pictures, books and primary sources. Several books are reproduced.

Andres Blaisten Museum

Masterpieces of Mexican Art from the XIX and XX Centuries from private collections.

Delineavit et Sculpsit

The Internet stepping stone for all those interested in Old Master prints and drawings: publications, events, links to the world's main print rooms, and the periodical Delineavit et Sculpsit.

Art History at Loggia

Explores the history of art with information about artists, styles, and periods. Includes resources and reference materials about art history, searchable database, and forums.

HuntFor Art History

Quick reference for all periods in the art history, images and links.

Art History with Michelli

The Art Browser divides categories of resources by time period and their movements.

Christian Art and Artists from Late Medieval to Modern

Examples of Christian art and artists illustrate the development of Christian art, from the Christian Treveller's Guides.

Art Cellar Exchange: Millenium Archive

The Art Cellar Exchange's alterego, Arty, looks back at some of the most significant art work produced in modern history and their impact on life today and in the coming millennium.

Art of Empire

Features academic information about the art, architecture, and backgrounds of the Ottoman, Papal, Incan, Aztec, Persian, and Mughal empires.

Art Historians

Weisberg, Gabriel P.

Art Historian Gabriel P. Weisberg's work focuses on themes affecting French art from the middle of the nineteenth century until World War I.

Pateman, Trevor

Collection of academic works in art history, philosophy, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, political theory.

International Association for Art, Creativity and Therapy

The main purpose of this Swiss association is to promote the relationship and cooperation between artists, doctors, art-therapists, psychotherapists and other persons involved in therapeutic professions. Membership information, events, news.

Art Historians of Southern California

Organization promoting the arts in Southern California.

Art Movements

Timeline of Art History

Displays objects from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collections in geographical and chronological context.

ARC International

The Art Renewal Center

Offering biographical information and high-resolution images of many paintings from the great masters of the 19th century.

National Portrait Gallery

Eye Contact

A celebration of masterpieces on paper highlighting famed Americans of the past century by legendary artists. Includes large reproductions and audio commentary from the exhibition's curator.

Art Images for College Teaching

AICT is a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community. Arranged by geography and period.

Art Movements and Periods

Historical art movements arranged in dictionary format for easy digestion.

A Hundred Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Virtual tour of manuscripts and illumination, engravings, woodcuts, drawings, and religious works from the National Library of the Netherlands.


BBC Radio 3 Centurions will feature 100 of the humanities hit makers of the twentieth century. The site covers all areas of international arts except music.

Art Movements Directory

Concise reference guide to the major art movements and periods, view by name or date.

19th century art @ Heart's Ease

The classical tradition, romanticism, impressionism and pre-raphaelite movements in 19th century art.

Art Resources

Essays on main art movements with images gallery and articles about famous artists.

Art at the End of the 20th Century

Article by Max Podstolski.

Abstract Art and Artists

Learn about the artists and styles of the abstract art movement including Cubism, Neoplasticism, and Abstract Expressionism.

Art Bank

Data-bank on ancient art from the 10th to the 18th century.

Modern Art Periods

Short description of the art movements of the 19th and 20th century.


Vision of the Art of the 19th and 20th Century.


Albumen Photographs

Presents the art and science of albumen printing, contemporary research, conservation and treatment of images.

A History of Photography

Contains an extensive history, from earliest times to the 1920s. Includes information on all significant photographers with biographical data.

American Museum of Photography

Covers daguerreotypes to modernism. Research center features a guide early photo processes, book reviews and information on preserving/protecting valuable photographs.

Arab Foundation for the Image

A non-profit association that collaborates with Elysée Foundation in Lausanne to promote photography in the Middle East and the North Africa by locating, collecting and preserving the photographic heritage of that region.

History of Photography Timeline

A detailed timeline of photography from ancient times to the present.

The Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura

Many facets of the camera obscura (dark room); the origin of the photographic camera, its place in art, culture and education,vintage instruments,images, photographs, and working camera obscuras are included.

Central Pacific Railroad

Has a photographic history museum; also stereoviews of the first transcontinental railroad.

Pinhole Photography

History of pinhole photography, including theory and construction details.


Articles and GIF and Flash animations relating to optical toys, chronophotography (Muybridge, Marey, and others), and pre-cinematography of the 19th century.

About Photography: Nudes 1920-1940

Consists of on the history of nude photography from 1920 to 1940, emphasizing the roles of the famous master photographers. No images.

Information on photography, family photographs and images, and genealogy. Focus is on 19th century photography.

Women in Photography Archive

Focuses on the role of women in photography. Includes essays on women photographers and an online gallery.

Latin American Photography 1840-1920. M & M Cuarterolo's Collection

Large selection of early images of Argentina and other Latin American countries and information on the photographers active in the region between 1840 and 1920.

Midley History of Photography

Presents essays by R. Derek Wood on the history of early photography, the daguerreotype and diorama.

Early Visual Media

History of visual Media, photography pre-cinema prestidigitation danse macabre optical illusions.

Chronophotographical Projections

The history of chronophotography and photographers is located here.

Photographer Nicephore Niepce

Dedicated to the History of Photography from its origins by French scientist and inventor Nicephore Niepce. Niepce discovered the process known as Heliography.

Historic Photo Archive

Kodachrome dating guide for vintage slides.

The Weston Exposure Meter Site

Site dedicated to the Weston Exposure Meter from the earliest days to the Euromaster 3. Includes Photos, information and instruction books, and history of the company and its founder.

Photo Revue

All about Czech and Slovak photography, history, theory, reviews, profiles.

Painting and Photography

Some notes on the history of photography, mostly concerning the relationship between painting and photography.

Photographs: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Images, history, and technical information about their extensive collection of photographs.

Photography in the 1840s

About Photography

Comparing the Calotype and the Daguerreotype, the first Welsh photograph, Irish pioneers, and French advances in the art of photography.

Georgian Museum of Photography

Virtual museum of images from photography, including portraits, architecture, cultural and historical monuments.

Cuarterolo Archive

The Cuarterolo archive is an image bank focused on 19th century Argentine and Latin American photography that houses over 5000 historic photographs.

Lafayette Negative Archive

Catalogue of vintage photographs made by the Lafayette studio of London, containing images made between 1887 and the 1930s, categorized by subject. Has explanatory articles.

Index of UK photographers up to c1950

Indexes and links for UK photographers, county by county, for the 19th and early 20th century.

Collodions and Clopinettes

Articles by Pierre G. Harmant, Paul Marillier, R. Derek Wood, and Jacques Roquencourt on Niépce, Daguerre, and other pioneer photographers.

Photica Project

Contains information and articles on historical photographers and groups.

The Big Six Portrait Photographers

Monographs on six professional portrait photographers from the turn-of-the-century.

Tintypes and Daguerreotypes

Article defines what tintypes and daguerreotypes are, the history of the processes, the sizes they came in, and the years they were popular.

Mathew J. Steffens

Steffens was THE photographer to Chicago's first "Gold Coast" residents...the richest of the rich. Commodore Steffens, as he was known because of his steam yachting and yacht club presidency, was one of Chicago's foremost society photographer from 1872 to the 1910's.

Cut & Paste

A History Of Photomontage

Covering the artists involved in photomontage in the Berlin Dada movement, 1980s politics, and the present day.

Finding Photographers

A worldwide index of the books and websites that list photographers and when they worked.

Bosse, Henry Peter: Photographs of the Mississippi River

Collection of Bosse's photographs of the Mississippi (1883-1892) with an essay by Michael Conner who rediscovered his photographs in the 1980s.

Ceramics and Pottery

Italian Renaissance Ceramics

Tour of the National Gallery of Art's collection.

The Medieval Pottery Research Group

Bringing together people with an interest in the pottery vessels that were made, traded, and used in Europe between the end of the Roman period and the 16th century.

Early Islamic Tiles

An exhibition of tiles, with references, from the 14th-17th century collected by Lockwood de Forest in 1880-86 while in partnership with Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Porcelains in Topkapi Museum

Topkapi Palace has the most valuable collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain in the world. Photographs of a selection.

Kutani Ceramics

History of kutani kilns from origin up to now. History of most famous kutani painters. Kutani library and virtual museum.

All About Pottery

Information about three major types of pottery this site calls East Asian Pottery, Pre-Colombian American, and Western Pottery. Includes sample images of each type.

The Origins of Porcelain Japan

Arita porcelain (in Japanese "Arita-yaki") is the fine white porcelain produced in the city of Arita, Japan. "Yaki" in Japanese can mean either earthenware pottery or porcelain.

Astbury Pottery

Information relating to Astbury Pottery, providing a large database of pottery related facts and links.

Medieval Pottery Construction

A guide to the methods of making English pottery in the 13th and 14th centuries.

History Of The Goodfellow Potteries Of Burslem & Tunstall,Stoke-On-Trent,England.

The history of the potteries of Thomas Goodfellow I & II. Rhead & Goodfellow, Bathwell & Goodfellow of Burslem, Thomas Goodfellow of Tunstall.

The Art of Talavera

History of Talavera, a tin-glazed majolica like pottery made in Mexico since the 16 th Century.

Greek Vase Museum Replicas

Reproductions of five types of Greek vases geometrical, Corinthian, black or red figure vase, and white ground vases. Site provides magnificent color galleries of sample work.

Australian Pottery-Post World War II

Online gallery of ware from the Diana Pottery, Marrickville Australia (1940-75).


Photographs and comments by Dr. Toshio Noda on Imari porcelain of 17th and 18th-century Japan, including wares for daily use. Profile of the author.

A Glance At: The History of Mexican Ceramics

A very brief history of Mexican ceramics from pre-hispanic times to contemporary art. Illustrated.


Historical background on Famous Potters, bottle kilns and other beneficial information.

Catawba Valley Pottery of North Carolina

Informational and education site about the region's FolkArt Potters and their wares. Includes brief biographies of some of the most outstanding artists such as Burlon Craig, Charles Lisk, and others who work in this area. Includes books and videos available for sale.

Pottery Talks

This site illustrates the goal of artist-educator, Russ McKeel, to give students the opportunity to closely examine historic pottery and artifacts, and to learn more about design, form, function, and ceramic techniques. Russ McKeel

Lecturer and Artist


The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland

A searchable text and image database. A British Academy Research Project hosted by the Courtauld Institute of Art.

1200 Years of Italian Sculpture

An illustrated history of sculpture in Italy, by period. Includes author and sculptor indexes.


City of Sculpture

Over 200 biographies of sculptors and architects, with hundreds of photographs covering the history of sculpture in Glasgow.

Tribute to Four Sculptors from Zimbabwe

John and Bernard Takawira, Brighton Sango and Henry Munyaradzi created a vital African movement in modern sculpture with their work in serpentine. On-line exhibition.

Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture

The University of Durham hosts information on this publication project. Includes images and a map showing the counties covered by each volume.

Indian Sculpture and Temple Ornamentation

Images and historical notes by Shishir Thadani relating to Indian sculpture and temple carvings, from Image India.

Sensuality in Memorial Art

Illustrated and referenced essay on the role of sensuality and the classic nude figure in memorial and cemetery sculpture around the world. From Northstar Gallery.

Monumental Sculpture in Eastern Europe

Research of Dr. Reuben Fowkes on monumental sculpture, socialist realism and communist statues in post-war Eastern Europe, as well as contemporary visual arts.

The Tello Obelisk

Photographs, description and discussion by James Q. Jacobs of this prehistoric carved granite monolith from Chavín de Huantár in Peru, with bibliography.

Blue Madonna

Glass sculptor John Robinson describes how he reproduced in glass Michelangelo's relief sculpture of the Madonna and Child, known as the Pitti Tondo. Includes a history of the Pitti Tondo.

Meteorite Taipei

This meteorite collection includes ancient Chinese artifacts sculpted from meteorite. Photographs and descriptions.

End of Europe's Middle Ages: Sculpture

Part of a University of Calgary tutorial with photographs and narrative from Gothic sculpture as an architectural component to free-standing Italian Renaissance sculpture.

History of Sculpture

Educational guide to the history of sculpture by Jack Bookbinder covering everything from the statues of ancient Greece to modern American monuments.

City Creatures

Gallery of photographs of the carvings found on buildings around the world.

Dupagne, Arthur (1895-1961)

Belgian Africanist Sculptor.

Sculptured Stones of Early Medieval Scotland

The University of Glasgow research project aims to create a record of these monuments using traditional and digital techniques, including three dimensional modelling.

Wodan Still Speaks

Photographs by Guido Deseijn and Gerda Verheeke of Romanesque and Gothic sculptures on medieval religious buildings in Europe, suspected to represent the old pagan god Wodan or Odin.

Liverpool's Peter Pan

A collection of people's memories and photographs of the Peter Pan sculpture from Liverpool's Sefton Park.

Sculpture History

Essay by Gail Lang on the history of sculpture, including the Italian masters Michelangelo and Donatello.